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Suiso-Sin About us


Awaking natural power with Cosmos Healing

I would like to support you to live independently by relaxation treatments with cosmic energy.


I was born in Oita prefecture as the second daughter. I attended my father’s class in my senior high school days because he had transferred to our school accidentally.


I vaguely wanted to be a dentist when I was a teenager as I was familiar to the occupation which my grandfather engaged. I was taking the entrance exams for dental university near my home. I also took an exam for pharmaceutical science school which is far from my home and passed after 2 years because it was my last chance. I wanted to go far from my home. I leaded the university life far from my parents in spite of their opposition.

After I graduated from the University, I worked in sales, academic information, marketing and customer support in a pharmaceutical company. I transferred to Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka and Tokyo and visited various places. Homeopathy and cosmic energy made me realize that the world actually was quite different from what I recognized.


Now I have my own salon in Osaka after 6 years of working for a major relaxation salon. I thought my job and life would not be changed when I was working for the company. I feel I reached the job that I have desired without noticing. I think the cosmos will be more comfortable if we each live independently. To enjoy the brilliant health anytime, I can be your help to recover yourself. I would like to see you.


Shiho Shichihane


Pharmacist, Reiki teacher

Alma mater

1995 graduated from University of Shizuoka


1995-2011 Abbott Japan

(Presently named Mylan EPD)

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